About Piano Moving

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Piano Moving Service

A piano is a priceless possession that requires proper handling, therefore, you most certainly don’t want to take any chances when moving it. It is best to hire a professional piano moving service, in order to make sure that it is delivered to your new home intact. However, you should keep certain things in mind before hiring a mover.

The main aspect to be considered, is that the piano will be picked up from your current home and delivered directly to the designated destination. In other words, you get door to door service! On the moving day, you must ask the piano movers for the details of the moving plan. If you are doing the packing yourself, make sure to get some tips from a professional mover, in order to ensure the safety of the piano, and avoid potential damage. Thus, you will have peace of mind, knowing it will reach the final destination in excellent condition.

It is highly advisable not to attempt moving a piano yourself, or with the help of your family and friends. You are not an experienced mover, and can easily overlook essential details. When you are choosing a piano moving service, look out for an experienced company, that will know how to execute the piano moving project expertly. Before committing to any agency, you should make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the moving company. At J C Triplett & Sons Moving, of Milwaukee, WI, the movers are trained and skilled, so that a safe move is guaranteed.

Prepping the piano before moving, is yet another essential task. Proper care and attention should be given when wrapping this precious item. First thing you should do is to close the piano, Then wrap the entire piano in thick soft blankets, securing them with tape, so that they stay in place. Be sure that the tape is not directly attached to the surface of the piano, as it may damage it during unwrapping. If you complete the wrapping process properly, you can rest assured that the piano will be safe from the risk of scratches, or any other damages.

Remember to hire the professional piano moving company early enough, so that they have the chance to look at the proportions of the piano, as well as its final destination. Thus, they can decide which truck to use, determine the work force required, and whether any major equipment is needed. Make sure to carefully follow all instructions provided by the moving company of your choice before moving.