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Moving is considered one of the most stressful tasks you can do in your life – but it doesn’t have to be that way. By hiring the right moving company you can minimize the stress. J C Triplett & Sons Moving has been in the moving business for 38 years, and has built an excellent reputation as the most professional and courteous crew in the Milwaukee. We started our moving services with the purpose of being the most trusted moving and storage service in our area, and we have achieved that aim. We are professional Milwaukee movers.We have many testimonials from our clients telling us how fast and reliable our movers work and how they treated their goods with the utmost care. We have the lowest rates of any moving services in Milwaukee including piano moving. We can prove that to you immediately after you call us.

Moving is a strenuous and tedious activity. People get easily stressed out as they dig deep into their accumulated valuables, identify items with value and those that can be disposed of, pack it, and move it to the new facility. Let our local moving company manage the hassles of your move while you sit back and enjoy the thrills and excitement from your move.

Moving - July 31, 2015

I have an outstanding moving experience with J C Triplett and Sons. The moving crew was very careful in moving all stuff, including glass table tops, TV, and furniture. The total price was as described in the beginning. If I have to move in near future, I will give them call again without any hesitation.

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When You Call Us

One of our moving professionals will come to your office or house to do a walk through for an inventory of all the items you want to take with you. Our expert can provide you with a list of recommended packing supplies that you will need to securely box or wrap, and label, everything for a smooth move. We have a large stock of packing supplies available in many shapes and sizes. Any supplies you purchase from us in conjunction with a move can be bought at a discounted costs. One of the moving bonuses that we offer additionally to our main service is to have someone assist you with the actual packing process if you cannot accomplish that task. Each of our senior movers can give you a written estimate about the price of the relocation plus any wrapping and packing supplies that will need to be used. We will design our cost until we reach the amount you can afford, without compromising on the quality of our moving services. We are cost conscious and offer the best moving rates in the area, so you should not worry that our services will not fit in your budget.


Our professional movers will do all that is needed to ensure a smooth transition without any damage. If your move is to an area outside of Milwaukee and requires an overnight stop, our van will be sealed, locked and secured. If you need to store your items for a short time before you relocate, we are able to help you with your storage needs as well. Our storage areas are within a gated lot that is well lit and has a security alarm system. We also have climate controlled storage areas for your convenience. Contact us today at (414) 353-9780 to discuss the most advantageous moving services for your unique moving needs. Our moving vans are equipped with hand dollies, roll up ramps that are attached to the van body, restraints for securing objects to prevent their movement during transport and padded shipping covers to protect glass items or other fragile valuables of yours.